How to conquer the habit of masturbation

Sexual desires or urge is natural but if ones fail to control it and as a result, you might fall into a habit of masturbation. Many would say that it is not a big deal. "No one get hurt." They argue, However, there is good reasons to avoid this practice. 

Masturbation does not deaden sexual appetite but fuels it. It instill attitude that are totally self centered. For example, when masturbating, a person is immersed in his or her own body sensations. It also cause one to view those of the opposite sex as mere object or tool for self gratification. The selfish thinking that is instilled through the practice of of masturbation can make satisfying sexual relations in marriage difficult to achieve. 

Rather than resort to masturbation to relieve pent-up urges, strive to cultivate  self control. To help you do that, you must avoid circumstances that might arouse you sexually in the first place. Still, what if you have become enslave to the habit of masturbation? You have tried to stop but without success. If that is the Case, take courage. Your case isn't hopeless. Many people have overcome the habit of masturbation. You can too!  Although any weak person can give in to his or her sexual urges but it takes a real man or woman to display self control even in private.

Take time to analyse your entertainment. Do you watch movies of Tv programs or visit website that are sexually stimulating? Force your mind to focus on other things and make sure to talk to someone about the problem. Shame might make it difficult for you to bring up the matter to confidant. Yet doing so can help you to overcome this habit.

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