How to connect whatsapp account on

1. How to connect whatsapp account to WhatsApp Marketing Tool + chatbot-

To connect your whatsapp account with, simply use your phone with whatsapp account login and Scan the QR Code on your Whatsapp app.
You can login remotely by sending an image Qr-code to the user to login.
Time for you to connect Qr-code is 30 seconds

2. Step 1: Create an account and choose a plan on

Sign up at

3. Step 2: Select whatsapp menu

Choose whatsapp option on dashboard

4. Step 3: Choose to add an account

Select the plus sign on the left to add a new whatsapp account

You can add an unlimited number of accounts depending on your account configuration.

5. Step 4: Scan the QR Code on your Whatsapp app

Time for you to login your Whatsapp account with QR-code is 30 seconds. Take advantage of this time to send remote login images if necessary.

6. List of accounts added

The list of accounts after logging in will be on the left

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