How did we came into existence from gases and water?

In 1984 a meteorite from Mars was found by geologists in Allen Hills, Antarctica. Study of the meteorite called ALH84001 revealed tiny crystals similar to those formed by bacteria on Earth. Also discovered were worm-like patterns that could have been fossils. However, it was later agreed by most scientists that these crystals could also from without the help of bacteria, and the 'fossil patterns' were quite likely created while the rock was being investigated in the lab.

The worm-like patterns on meteorite ALH84001



Well, then how did it all begin?

 Scientific experiments have shown us how lightning flash could create amino acids, the basic chemicals of life, from the waters and gases found on early Earth. But no one knows these chemicals were able to make copies of themselves. This is the key to life, which remains a mystery.

 The creation of amino acids

More theories and discoveries will come and we may find out how all the creatures on earth were formed.

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