How an Average Person Can Actually Start An Online Business (And scale it into Something Real)

I swear to tell the truth ,the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  1. Realize that until you fix your own financial problems,starting a legitimate business will be out of the question .This was a tough realization for m,but I have learned that you can have the best business concept in the history of the universe ,but if you can't fund it and so it right ,it will never succeed.
  2. Sell everything you can possibily sell.Especially liabilities that have monthly payments. If it wasnt nailed down .I sold it .I lost money on most everythong ,but it was worth it in the long run.
  3. Consolidate debt and cancel all unnecessary subscriptions .This allowed me to lower my monthly obligations ,decrease interest rates on certain debts and pay bigger chunks towards the debt 


  1. Search for a higher paying job.Often, we underestimate ourselves and what we are capable of accomplishing .Put yourself out there and see what's available.What's the worst a potential employer can say ,no? This is actually how I ended up in Syria .I was able to more than double my salary by accepting a position that most people wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.I even grew to love the job,but initially ,I was simply making a personal sacrifice to acheive a long-term goal.As an entreprenuer ,if you are not willing to make sacrifices ,you are in the wrong line of work.
  2. Use a skill,learn a skill or try something new. Stop worrying about starting a business and focus on actually earning money. I was able to earn an additional $1,500 a month by writing content for people's blog ,creating social  media content and writing small information ebooks .Here is a solid hint. If you want to make money ,be willing to do the grunt work.Do the things that people don't like to do themselves.

It wasn't glamorous ,but it accelerated my debt pay off .I was able to get most of my business by joining niche forums and Facebook groups. Here is a solid hint- niche forums and Facebook groups are two of the only places on the internet that you can get those eyeballs for free,but you have to be offering something they are actively seeking . I actually hadn't ever done any of the services that I started offering ,but with little practice and learning from people on Youtube ,I was able to surpass customer's expectations.


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