God's love for devotees

Jesus Christ tells the parable of the prodigal son to show how much love and care God has for his devotees.  Its summary is as follows: The younger of the two children of a rich man forces his father to sell all the property he got and leave the house and divide the property abroad.  goes  Many people become friends because of his money like an ant kisses a jaggery.  So, when all the money melts, all the friends disappear.  At the same time, a terrible famine will cover his area.  Without getting anything to eat, he joins the work of herding pigs with a master.  But, there he did not get any food like pork and he was starving and remembered the hundreds of cries of his father's house.  He immediately goes to his father, accepts himself as a servant unlike a son, and goes home to beg forgiveness for his sins.  Every day, the father, who was waiting for his son's way, sees his son's return from afar and runs and hugs him and pours joy.  He orders him to be bathed, dressed in clean clothes and given a feast.  He consoled the angry elder son, "Son, your family, which was thought to be dead, has come back again."  Shouldn't this be celebrated?  He says.  Jesus said this, God is more concerned about the lost believers than the believers who are with him.  He explains about the immense love of the Lord for the devotees that such people are waiting to return.

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