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How we are manipulated,Without Being Aware Of It

Throughout history,all history,not just today,Different methods of "Influencing" were used,to sway public opinion,both for & against,good or evil,, Ancient Cultures & their councels, used word of mouth, among their people,both to spread & inflame anger,against rival kingdoms or tribes,a very early example of propaganda,used in a primative way to get approval,but the lesson was not lost on succeeding generatipns,Why? because it WORKED!

Polishing The Idea

Many Ancient Kings & cultures used pure fabrication,about atrocities commited by their imagined foes,They used the "Time Honored" tactic of "Fear" the easiest one of all to use.Fear of loss,Fear For Family,Fear for property or possessions taken,The horrible reality was,Their rival,was saying EXACTLY the same thing,to his own people,,as the former!..This in turn led to.. War,Famine,Hatred,sometimes lasting centuries,If things were wrong,blame it on our "enemies" it was an easy,excuse!, & everyone felt better,after all,..not OUR fault,THEIR fault!

Primative "Spin"

In Ancient Rome,many things & troubles were laid at the door of the early Christians,If it went wrong,Blame The Christians!" This spread worldwide like the current virus..It was Blame The Jews,Blame The Persians,Mongols,Huns,or whoever,This "blamegame", or "scapegoat" tactic was to have very evil repercussions later,as we will get to.. But in the dark ages,it was used widely, The early Christian Church, was not averse to using these tactics either,As they grew in power,(& wealth especially) any threat to that was met with propaganda,,Crusades were formed..Imagined atrocities committed,were given a wide hearing,word of mouth,given human nature,made them grow to "epic" proportions Kings who defied Rome were vilified,Any original thought,or theological angle,deemed "Heresy Every other belief,Islam,Buddism,Hinduism deemed Pagen& Godbless..(Since when did they ask Gods opinion?)They claimed "God" for themselves alone.Their property! But Jesus, suffered propaganda too,"Ghost Influencers" Scribes & Pharasees..I'm sure Mohamnad had this too!.Most who change things do.. Let us fastforward to the Spanish Inqusition,Jews tortured & burned,Devil worshippers said the Ghost Influencers, Many pogroms against so many eithic groups,because again,"Ghost Influencers" a malevolent "whispering campaign, led in turn to deaths,torture,genocide,in many cases..

The Industrial Age & Fake Propaganda


Africa,started off its colonisation,by the great Ghost Whispered fallacy,"The White Mans Burden" a patronising term,& cover for their real goal,Plundering the resources.. but it suited those doing to to appease their own howngrown public opinion,to pretend they were just going there as a moral duty, to "civilise" continent buti if we make money from the raw materials there ,its "Gods" will!I India,China,& South America suffered from these untruths..and left a lasting distrust..

The 20th Century

This was the century,when "influencing" & propagan scaled new heights,Media,Movies,Newspapers,big moguls, or business,could "Ghost Influence" on a titanic scale,Later came TV & internet, The offshoot of these devices,left people much less self reliant than before,Ads influenced people saying,"You really really need this product" (Even you did"t you were brainwashed into it!) So you put yourself in debt to buy it !But later,it became much more sinister & downright evil,in some cases..

The New Level

Governments only ever give the public around 10% info,of whats actually going on,National Security,of course must be considered for all nations,But today "Ghost Influencers" are giving fake news,fake aims,fake values,its entered into every level of life,"Dissimilation" ,Whisper it,let the thought spread,that way it will become acceptable.& even if a truth is told,it will be derided & mocked.. I will finish this article,with 4 examples of "Ghost Influencers& how it affects.its a dileberate strategy & policy..

1 The Holocaust Of WW2 :Blame the Jews! The evil Hitler wrote,"Why not Eugenics?(Genocide)After all who today remembers the "Extermination" of the Armenians in WW1 .Failure to act then,caused the Genocide of WW2! 2 The "Ethnic Cleansing"(Genocide) of Bosnian Muslims,in the Balkans,

3 & Tutsi & Huti in Rawanda (Again Whispering(

4 The current disinformation campaign from everywhere,which may well ""Blunder" us into a global war,Ghost Influencing on a horrible distructive scale..Thats why prudence,sense,judgement are very important now for all of us..We can't let the brainwashed destroy it..Its become not Political,Religous,or ethnic,Its Good versus evil..



Epilogue:A British reporter sent to Cyprus,He was fortunate enough to cross from the Greek side to the Turkish side,of the Island..Hes what he was told.. Greek Side:Whats happened here,is all the Turks fault! Turkish Side::Whats happened here,is all the Greeks fault! No words needed..It speaks for itself😁

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