Georgia Guide Stones



Despite its seemingly benign message, the monument has a long history of conspiracy theories and controversies. Some believe that the stones are the work of a secret society, while others see them as a prophetic message predicting the end of the world. The most controversial point on the monument is the first guideline, which reads: "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature." The statement has raised questions about whether or not it's a call for population control or even genocide.


The origins of the monument are also shrouded in mystery. According to reports, a man calling himself R.C. Christian visited the local granite company in 1979 and commissioned the monument. He claimed to represent a group of individuals who believed in a new age of reason and hoped to create a monument that would serve as a guide for future generations.


The guide stones have been the subject of multiple investigations, and several individuals and groups have attempted to remove or destroy them. In 2014, a group calling themselves "The Dark Cloud" spray-painted the monument with anti-New World Order messages, igniting a wave of protests and debates.


Despite the controversies, the Georgia Guide Stones have emerged as a tourist attraction, drawing thousands of visitors every year. Some see the monument as a message of hope and inspiration, while others view it as a warning of impending doom. Whatever the reason for its existence, the Georgia Guide Stones remain a fascinating and mysterious part of American history. 


In conclusion, the Georgia Guide Stones stand as an enigmatic monument, raising many questions and controversies. The Ten Commandments of the New Age inscribed on the stones embody guidelines for a better future, including sustainability, peace, and unity, but also raise concerns regarding population control and the potential for genocide. Whether one sees the stones as a prophetic message or just a curious attraction, the Georgia Guide Stones remain a fascinating monument, inspiring debates and investigations Uto this day.

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