"Fraud Earning Applications".


In year 2020, when corona virus came in the world and, spread all over the world. Lot of people has loose the job and they were searching for the job but there is lack of employment opportunity, the government have announced the lockdown in year 2020 and people were not allowed to go out of home without any reason. So people were in the home some people having job they were getting half salary and who loose their job they were withput any source of income, and their was lockdown so they start searching the online jobs because in the lock down the online platform or business were active, all other physical businesses were stoped because of the rule and regulation for this virus. So many fraud app come and offering exclusive offers of earning and the people excite and sign up in such apps and they work for a time as they complete the thresold to get eligible for withdraw and when the withdraw not redeemed they found that this app or website is fraud. 

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