Fidget doll

Review on fashion fidget doll from wowwwe company. 

Where to buy mystery doll? 

Walmart or online websites like Amazon. 

How much is it ? $10 at Walmart store or up to $20 online shipping fees 

What exactly is this doll? It is a fidget toy with button or clicking things . 

Why get this doll? Because the fidget doll is great for a key chain . It is amazing for people like me who are autistic. This is good for children's because it does not seem dangerous at all. Plus it is cute doll "fashionable " fidgets. 

 My experience opening the box?

The box it self is fun because you have the option to open with the pretend cardboard zipper thing . I chose to open side of box normally .

What inside of box?

A paper pictures with all the different dolls you can collect of 18 . And a bubble wrap . In side that bubble wrap is your mystery fidget doll! 

What one I ended up getting ?

I got a boyish doll or boy like style of a doll with short hair and over all's. He even got little bitty Crocs shoes Wich I didn't notice at first. ...

My personal experience of the everything? 

I was excited that a cute new fidget that was also a keychain and a doll. When me opens it it was cute bubble wraps. Then my self done popped the bubble wrap a couple times. Then I was like alright who I got ? I open them up and it was boystyle. Then I thoughts me wants the one with dresses. But I be like okay let's see what doll Is. They has clicky buttons and at figet spinner as a backpack. Then I relise this doll is pretty dope like. They might not be the first ones I wanted but this one has good quality for themselves. So I keep them. 

How I recommend it? I would recommend it to kids or key chain collectors people's or autistic people . Or any people who want a fidget doll. The end. Thanks for reading. 





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