Fast fashion brand Shein is launching 30 pop-up stores this year

The temporary stores will bring Shein’s clothing to high streets across the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), giving shoppers the chance to try before they buy. 


So far, Shein has hosted 11 pop-ups across EMEA, including in Dubai, Birmingham, Ibiza and, just this week, Cork, Ireland. 


The company said customers can expect to see further pop-ups in the latter half of 2023, though we're still waiting to see which UK locations will be on the list.

However, Shein added that it will remain a ‘digital first’ company, so any physical stories will remain temporary for the foreseeable

Despite facing criticisms surrounding exploitative workplace practices, revealed by a Channel 4 documentary late last year, the Chinese fashion giant isn’t short on customers.


The company reported annual revenue of $22.7 billion (£18.3 billion) last year and is projected to achieve annual revenue of $58.5 billion (£47 billion) in 2025.

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