Eating In The Dream

Dreaming of eating food with strangers can be dangerous. 


Food gives our body strength. Our body requires a variety of food for its daily function.


 It also provides the ability to stay healthy. While eating with strangers portends a bad signal to the dreamer. 


Having a connection with an unknown people in the dream increases your chances of being attacked by demons. 


Matthew 13:25, ”But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.” 

 Strangers constitutes the greatest enemy of our soul. They can easily be called Witchcraft night caterer that feeds people in their dreams. 

The kinds of foods you eat in the dream contains rotten and expired foods which can be so harmful and destructive to your health.

 When a person is eating food with strangers in the dream, the devil is distributing poisons into the body of that person. 

The earlier you start to eat with unknown people, the higher the risk factor. Once you are eating more often with strangers in the dream, that is someone you did not know, it may be difficult for you to regain your virtues except through deliverance.


 When you eat with strangers in the dream, it means you have been bewitched and manipulated. When you eat with strangers in the dream, you will  be spiritually and physically down to suffering and demotion.  


 A woman came called me that she always see herself eating in the dream and that a stranger will force her to eat food. Immediately I said to her: “Try and read ten (10) chapters of the Bible before you go to bed and call me the next day if there is any report or strange feelings.” 


When she called me the next day, she said she never ate in the dream that night. Then she asked: “Does it mean I have to be reading the bible every day?” I told her to end the call. A person does not question the need to feed his or her body every day. 


But tell her to feed his spirit, and she becomes a skeptic.

Many people have been fed in their dreams by strangers.


 Some are fed with dead relatives, others are eating with animals, masquerades, and marine spirits.


 Ordinarily, eating with people whose identity are very strange to you exposes you to trouble and takes you into the corridor of the dead.


 Meals with known friends are more appealing when one person doesn’t have to eat alone.


 If demons does not attack you with sexual dream, he will try to use the image of certain people you know to gain access into your life. One of the best benefits of eating food with known friends in reality, it brings about happiness and joy. 


For example, a person who ordinarily did not have that urge for eating rice, by the time he or she sees his friends eating that same food that he ignores, immediately such person will join them in eating the food.


 Psalm 18:44, ”As soon as they hear of me, they shall obey me: the strangers shall submit themselves unto me.”


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