Dwayne Johnson motivates fans to get the jump on 2022; exclaims 'No regrets'

As everyone is set to enter the new year, Jungle Cruise star Dwayne Johnson shared some thoughtful and motivational words for his fans. He stated that if there was anything that's been gnawing at their gut that they need to make happen whether in work, relationships, school, mental health or personal stuff, they should go for it right now and not look back.

Dwayne Johnson recently took to his official Instagram handle and shared a video clip in which he was seen making his own video while stating that he just did his second cardio session of the morning and added how he was a mad man today as he will also train later on the weights. He then stated that there was a method to his madness and added that he wanted to give his fans a little Monday motivation as everyone is kicking off their week and getting a jump start on the new year. He then revealed how he jumps start his new year on the first Monday after Christmas and recalled a quote stated by one of his good buddies that read 'The price of regret is much heavier than the price of discipline' and added that the whole philosophy was behind what would happen if one woke up one day/week/month/year after down the road and regret listening to their guts. He then urged everyone to get all the things done as soon as possible and 'jump off that cliff.'


Dwayne Johnson's motivational words for the upcoming year

The caption read, "Let's get the jump on 2022 right now! If there's something that's been gnawing at your gut that you need to make happen - in work, relationships, school, mental health, personal stuff etc ' whatever it is. Do it and don't look back. The price of regret is much heavier than the price of discipline. ~ @inkyjohnsonmotivate I have a few things in my life I need to reconcile this week, so I'm right there with you guys - no more circling the plane. Land it. No regrets.


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