Death Of A Nation

This article is written not as a personal viewpoint,but from a totalitarian type template,Whether Fascist or Marxist or a mix of both,They all use the same steps to achieve complete control,over both the Country & its people.. There are "Stages" of it.We will show the stages,as they may unfold..But manly its a template of prevention..Everyone suffers under these tyrannies.. 

Stage One Education

. As a long term.plan,it best to start at the very beginning,with kids & impressionable young people..Firstly,subtly slip in negative points about both the history & the precieved ideals & hero's of the intended "victim" nation,Always remember,destroy from WITHIN..So teach that the entire ethos & principles are wrong..Unequal,loaded against the little guy,he's exploited,underpaid,overtaxed,just "used" as a means of monetarism,by the current  state,Tell him (or her) they have no real rights,& no real chance,as the very fabric of the system they are in,is loaded against them,Tell them if your a minority race,you will be discriminated against always..So will your children & grandchildren,That the police are really only there to enforce the will of the system. That will start to make them "think" to your point of view,Many will go along with their friends on the ideas,because of "peer pressure" & will want to appear popular and "hip" just to fit in and not be ridiculed.You & your teachers all over the country *hammer" this message home.Soon you will have "Radicalized" a generation,which in turn,will breed from your Teachers,Professors,Academics,influenced by your ideas..Teach them your total outlook,but little else,keep them "Dumb" unable to argue.. the "dumb are easily controlled...

 Stage Two Protest

 Start opposing anything or anyone you believe to be a threat to your goals..Political agitation can be used in many many ways..IE:Find as many disaffected areas as possible,convince them,what's happening in their area,is "not their fault" the "system has condemned them to eternal deprivation & poverty,No.matter some are just lazy (Lazy has no race,creed,or orientation) but for people like these,its a perfect excuse to justify their inertia in their lives..Make them ANGRY,In truth people like these have little education,so they are "easy meat" for brainwashing & manipulation Pick a target group to "hate".. With Hitler ,It was the Jews,Stalin the Kulaks,Today in China,the Islamic Uighars..A scapegoat,is a great weapon of totalitarianism. No matter its immoral..its a means to gain power eventually.. 

Stage Thre:Intelligensa

 Use all.means to discredit high profile intelligensa within the victim country,Go where their appearing,speaking engagements ext,protest,cause disruption,be sure it makes the news in TV & newspapers,as this will spread your political creed further,& ensure more support from "radical" elements sympathetic to your position..Ridicule the intelligensa,call them a mouthpiece of the oppressive state system,accuse them of the very policies you are,espousing, with your "hidden agenda" and in fact following.. This will confuse people,they may not be able to tell who is right,& who is wrong,or who is lying or telling the truth.Call those who wave the National Flag,fascists & bigots,Deflect away from the fact,that these people are patriots of all colors,creeds & way,who love their Land,make it "shameful" to wave a flag,create a "stigma" of bigotry,in the action of it..Soon they will stop waving it,because of the stigma attached by intended..You're winning.. The People Most people are too concerned & busy with their day to day lives,to keep a close eye on political movement,They only pay attention at election time,& even then,many will vote a party "ticket" because their Granparents or parents did...Thats where a real danger lies, as much as any,because,by apathy,they may vote in something or someone,far removed from their own political stance.They will only begin to grasp that,when it affects in Gas prices,Groceries ect,or large scale unemployment..They can be easily tricked by using plausible rhetoric or just plain false promises,never intended to be kept.But to get the votes to grasp power..These are totalitarian methods..used before..Making people "implode" their own freedoms,Using their tolerance against them.. 

Stage Four: The Church

 Religion represents a major threat to totalitarianism,because its not materially based,it morality beard,spiritually based.hard to remove.So these are the actions that will be used to remove its influence.Totalitarians know,if you can create a "Godless Nation" for 30+ years,you have a mainly Godless population,much easier to control.. Here are the "Steps" they take Firstly,paint the believers teaching as ignorant,backward,non progressive,scoff at their "old fashioned" ways,& their lifestyle.make them objects of "scorn" & laughter..Demean their faith,describe their beliefs as "myth" And if,as is the totalitarian aim,they get power,Appoint a false figurehead,or tyrant..Get rid of all objects of religion,turn the churches into "Halls of the People" Replace holy books with the thoughts of the new leader..(Each newlywed in Nazi Germany got a new copy of Mien Kampf,..China Mao's Little Red Book!) The leaders replacing the God figure,..Persecution normally goes hand in hand with these practices,the brainwashed,"shame publicly anyone daring to believe or have spiritual faith.Or any "free thought" for that matter..

 Stage Five:The Media 

Control of mass communication is more vital today,than it ever was,because 99% of people have access to it,in some form..A modern method used,is this..If someone or journalist prints or posts a truth,immediately its "buried" under a ton of fake news,denials,spin,and gets buried so far,no one notices it..Deflection also is a great modern method.In short,if they want to do something REALLY important for their cause,they will " deflect" the public focus onto some other story,thats quite innocuous! Another old trick.. Censorship is always a good pointer to how a country is shifting in politics,A great truth.If something is good for the people,& the country,Why have to censor it?Totalitarians need to censor,because if they are "found out" it destroys any hope of achieving their "Holy Grail" complete control..

 Stage Six:The Judiciary

 Always remember,the Judiciary are men & women of books,They are not brave warriors,but bookish legal minds,Totalitarians use this. simple tactic...They simply threaten them,or their families,if they don't comply with the totalitarian ethos, Most comply very quickly..Again remember.."The Law is Words & Books..but justice wears a gun!😁..Justice put the lawyers courts,and judges there..not the other way around.. 

Stage Seven:The Politicians

 Politicians could have easily been slipped into any of the previous stages at anytime,from grassroots to the very Top in politics money talks..On occasion we get great idealists coming along but not that often,The "hypocrites" who speak platitudes like "Public Duty" Public Service" fool no one these days,If it were a non paying position,how many would be doing it? answer is very very few..In this era,too many "latch" on to some public disaffection & exploit it,rather than being brave & visionary,to increase both life standards and hope for people..Many today are just "bought & paid for" mouthpieces for big business,& a promise of a "board seat,or "chairmanship" at the end of it.This happens so much..Its not about the people,its about personal gain..So it would be,with totalitarianism,many will comply..But a few will not..these are the people who care..Totalitarian tactics use two faces,claiming to be a friend of the poor dispossessed,& deprived,but in reality,they are just either a political platform to gain power or a rioting tool to be used for mass disruption..these ways also have been used many times. As I said at the start of this article,this is a well used method of tyranny.of Right or left..BUT it can also be a template to STOP IT. By the grace of God..I hope so.apathy can ruin all 


EpilogueThese Methods can be applied against any country anywhere,to "undermine it & bring instability,to a point where totaltarianisn controls,Once it does,it crushes opposition of any kind.Regardless of Faith or Creed,we must all be on guard against it.

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