Coriander water is a boon for thyroid patients

People today have to face many problems with a healthy lifestyle, if your weight is increasing rapidly despite eating less or you start looking like 50 years old by the age of 30, then understand that you are a victim of thyroid.  Thyroid problems in women are 10 times more common than in men The thyroid is an important gland located at the front of a person's neck.  It helps in various metabolic processes of the human body as well as producing many hormones to regulate the growth and metabolism of the body.  However, when there is an imbalance in hormone production, the thyroid gland can face problems.  There are two types of thyroid imbalance hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.  This condition can arise due to vitamin B-12 deficiency, excessive iodine intake, cancerous growth in the gland and inflammation of the gland.  Ayurvedic experts say that coriander seed water is a boon for thyroid patients.  Let's see how it is.  The benefits of drinking this coriander water include curing lifestyle disorders, experts say that coriander water is like elixir for thyroid patients.  Diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, indigestion,

It works well as an Ayurvedic detoxifier for many lifestyle ailments like hormonal imbalance, obesity and excessive thirst.  Although people regularly take medication to reduce thyroid, both types of thyroid imbalance can be cured with coriander water.  # How to prepare coriander water for thyroid?  To prepare coriander water, soak 1 teaspoon of coriander seed powder in 1 glass of water overnight.  In the morning, boil it until half.  Strain when it cools down and enjoy this aromatic drink.  Consuming this will not only cure the thyroid problem, but also increase your metabolism very fast.  This does not cause any digestive problems.  Take thyroid tablet one hour after food.

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