Cognitive science

The typical brain comprises about 2% of the body's total weight, but uses 20% of its total energy and oxygen intake. 

Your brain is 73% water. It takes only 2% dehydration to affect your attention, memory and other cognitive skills. 

Ninety minutes of sweating can temporarily shrink the brain as much as one year of aging does. 

No one knows for sure, but the latest estimate is that our brain contain roughly 86 billion brain cells. 

All brain cells are not alike. There are as many as 10,000 specific types of neurons in the brain. 

Babies have big heads to hold rapidly growing brains. A 2-year-old's brain is 80% of adult size. 

As any parent can attest, teenage brains are not fully formed. It isn't until about the age of 25 that the human brain reaches full maturity. 

Your brain generates about 12-25 watts of electricity. This is enough to power a low - wattage LED light. 

Neanderthal brains were 10% larger than our Homo sapiens brains. 

Chronic stress and depression are rampant in modern life. Either can cause measurable brain shrinkage. 

Since the Victorian era, average IQs have gone down 1.6 points per decade for a  total of 13.35 point. 

What would your life be like if your thinking were sharper, your attention more focused, and you had mental energy to burn? 

The right brain supplement can do that. And that means you can go longer, get more done, and achieve your personal goals. 

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