Children Of Light

They come along,normally at times of great crisis..Unnoticed.sometimes viewed with great suspicion,because they are unlike any ever seen before,Its happened before,it will happen again,Now & in the future,..They are the "Children Of Light"...


Ahura Mazda


Ahura Masda,founder of the Zoroastrian religon,Could well be regarded as one of histories "Children Of Light" in fact, the balance of darkness & light,(Good & Evil) are one of the base tenents of the Zoroastrian faith,probably the worlds oldest, The Zoroastrian faith has influenced all the worlds major religons,either directly,or indirectly,Buddism,Hinduism,Judaism,& through that,Both Christianlty & Islam,,All have their God & Prophets,but the basic balance of good & evil,stems from this theology..Hinduism,for example,influenced Judaism,The story of Genesis borrowing from Sanskrit, The early Jewish writers mistook some of the translation though,!That dosent make any of the current religons less valid,In fact it makes them even more so..As it shows the great continuity  of all our beliefs..Basic Zoroastorian belief is as follows,Some aspects you will see in our current religons ALL of them,everywhere..Ahura Mazda had two sons Angra Mainyu, (The evil one)

Spenta Mainyu (The good one,or "Holy Spirit) Ahura Mazda ,can be considered as the first conceptalisation of Monolithism,The first God,Who was ,Is,& will be..The very root core of belief..and the origin of our belief in One God,You will find the concept,in Hinduism,"Vishna" and many examples in all faiths but one great constant stands still God..Men change,Sometimes their view & perception of God changes,they look at him from different angles..But GOD..never changes.. Vedic in later times But Ahura Mazda "Child Of Light"


 Vishnu & Gautama Buddah (Lord Buddah)


Following through from the Zoroastrian origins,we come both to Vishnu & Lord Buddah,Both "Children of Light"  Their influence by way of Ahura Mazda,so prevades modern culture,example being,kindness to animals,No other Religon taught that,so the idea comes directly from Hinduism,& Buddism,When today you  see people hugging or patting their cat or dog,Its from this theology they get it,(They just dont realise it!) 🙂



A cold hard truth,Judaism,has far more in common with Islam,than it has differences,this word "Anti Semitic" is hijacked today to mean "Anti Jewish" but in real fact,both Jew & Arab (Early Armenian)) are simitic races of people..It only causes conflict because,like Shakespeares warring families in "Romeo & Juilet, they cant remember why they hate each other in the 1st place..!..Its become political..not humanist based..Thats another story..

    Both Joseph & Moses within  the Jewish faith could be considered "Children Of Light" Joseph more so..because of his forgivness & humanity,Moses gave Judaism many of its great laws that have influenced many to this day,At times it was fustrating for him,because ignorance,lack of faith,kept these people continually  becoming "Apostate" Much of their history goes like this..Jews go bad,God punishes them,,50 years later they forget again! God punishes them again,another few decades again they go bad or greedy,God punishes Them yet again! As someone once said..(Me i think!🙂) A more ungrateful "Chosen People" You couldn't find!Jewish people have had many persecutions down the centuries,Always remember,the current modern Jewish people cant be blamed for what went before..To do that is ignorant & ridicilous..




He only spent  three years preaching his simple words of love,peace,forgivness,to the world,he only had 12 close followers,Yet he changed the world forever.."I am the light of the world "he said,& he was.

The greatest of ALL Prophets beloved of his Father..No more words are needed..




Islam is much understood by other faiths,there are basic. tenets of it that reflect its Arabic origins,that are incompatable with  the philosophy of others,Yet there is far more of what Jesus taught,in the basic Islamic belief than there is in modern Christianlty,which "moved" to suit the times and both political & social trends of whichever time period,Islam never did..One of the basic beliefs of Islam which Christianlty  totally either misses or ignores is this..God sent Mohammad to RESTORE humanity back to the teachings of Jesus,because they (as usual!) had strayed too far away from his teaching, Islam,like Christianity, has had schizm in its past (at least three times) So  has Christianity,(East- West Orthodox,) Luther (Reformation) It may be,that with so many Islamic people in the west now,another "schizm" may occur,between Eastern & Western Islamic theology ,Time will tell if that will happen. But Islam also has its "Children Of Light" Saladin (Sal-al Uddin) A great & honorable man,with huge chivalry Respected even by his enemies for his great Qualities..For Saladin,Faith & Honor were everything.. His great fame,in this context,gave him posterity as a Child Of Light"



Sultan Abdulmejid 


As many will know,I'm Irish,So this story needs to be highlighted far & wide..It shows the best traditions of Islam..

In 1847, Ireland was going through her worst year of famine,Sultan Abdulmejid,heard of this from his dentist,He resolved to help..He offered over 1 million British pounds in relief money to Ireland..This embarrassed the British Queen Victoria,who only gave a meagre 2000k towards relief..So the offer  was refused..However,the Suly'tan wasnt about to be "put off" So he dispatched   three ships secretly filled with food,medical supplies, & other urgent nessesities to Ireland,The British wouldn't let them dock,so they had to sail uo the coast to Drogheda,& unload there..This gracious merciful Sultan saved so many lives, The town of Drogheda carries the Cresent of Islam on its town Crest,in honor of the great deed..Now the Irish, as is our nature,never forget a good deed, (Or a bad one! Ask the British!😄) So when the Crimean War came along,30k Irish enlisted in the Sultans army,in gratitude for his gracious merciful act..

For the Irish & in his deeds & heart, Sultan Abdulmejid  was again,a "Child Of Light...


Martin Luther


Martin Luther got so appalled & disgusted by the depravity both political & sexual,of the Roman Cathomic Church in Rome,he decided to follow Gods & his own consience,..From that came the Protestant (Protest) Reformation,It was little wonder,Sins were forgiven ,no matter how henious,as long as a hefty bag of gold was produced..Popes had girlfriends & some had kids..Hyporacy ran amoke..Witjh what Martin did from good consience led directly to a "counter reformation" in an attempt to retrieve converts (& their lost income in particular!) But by then it was too late..But from it a purer form of Christianity emerged,Even the Catholic Church reformed eventuallySo Marton Luther was the "Catalyst for goid change.Child Of Light..


Secular Childten Of Light


There are so many,who shone a beacon of good upon this world,St Francis,Lincoln,Theodore Roosevelt,Churchill,Ghandi,Mandela among thel,What they did,is in the annals of human posterity..All these people left the world,a much better place,than they found it...All "Children Of Light"...


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