Checking through the lane.

I recognise what I have to do and work towards it. I do not keep on expecting recognition for every achievement. Truely it happens when I want to see the work done and I care little about who get the credit. Here is the feign humility because I want more praise for my accomplishment which gives me greater assurances of my worth.


Really, I see myself to be a team. The fragile ego does not have to be propped up by rewards. However, as the rewards come I want to share the limelight with others. Will Rogers once said, “Get someone else to blow your horn, and the sound will carry twice as far!”


From an experience of my childhood, I recall how a great truth was impressed with special meaning. “I came home from church one day crying because I had been given only a small part in the children’s programme, while my playmate got the leading role. After drying my tears. My father took me to the sitting room and showed me a new wall clock. “What do you see? He asked. “A silver case, a glass face and two hands, I replied. Opening the back, he repeated the same question. I told him I saw many tiny wheels. “This wall clock would be useless,” he said. Without every part even the ones you can hardly see.” The object lesson has helped me all through life. To seethe importance of the small task am asked to perform.


I have learnt to take a little more than of my share of the blame, and a little less than the share of my credit. I don’t let success to go my head. Because when success comes my way, I walk in humility. Remember, when you go to the top and start blowing that you get harpooned.


Because of my nature, I tend to have blind spots. I may need a trusted friend to tell how I come across to people. I’m in a constant state of change. I needs constant appraisal. I have not arrived. I have not gotten it completely.



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