Cheapest Places to Visit in Asia

Who doesn't love a good vacation? But it's not always easy on the wallet. A break from everyday life can be refreshing. In that case, Asia might be the perfect place for budget travelers! It is an interesting continent with many countries to explore. We all want a big adventure somewhere, but sometimes our bank accounts just don't mesh. Fortunately, lack of funds doesn't mean we have to give up travel, just that we have to forget about the idea of luxury resorts and yachts.

Asia is known as a great budget travel destination, offering amazing experiences, rich history, and great food at very reasonable prices. Thailand are the first to come to mind, but there are many other low-cost countries you can spend less than $100 per day.

Worry no more, we have a list of the cheapest destinations in Asia for your trip. They're not just affordable, they're unique, fantastic, and (in most cases) delicious.

1.  Puerto Galera, Philippines

Puerto Galera is a true gem for those looking for cheap tourist destinations in Asia. It offers recreational activities that are very affordable such as diving and kayaking. The beaches of Puerto Galera are known for rivaling the best in the Philippines. This getaway destination, which translates to "Port of Galleons," is a few hours drives from Manila, making it the perfect weekend getaway.

2. Yogyakarta, Indonesia

With some of the most incredible temple views in the world, Yogyakarta is one of the best relaxing and affordable tourist destinations in Asia. This place is perfect for culture buffs who love anything related to art and history.

3. Penang, Malaysia

This unique place is known as a "food paradise" but that is not the reason why it is one of the cheapest places in Asia. Penang is cheaper because it offers a lot of bang for its buck. It is undoubtedly unique in its vibrant street art and cultural scene. Check out our short guide to exploring Penang's street art for a fun trip to cheap tourist destinations in Asia.

4. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is one of the surprisingly inexpensive places to visit in Southeast Asia. As in Bangkok, you can enjoy both the old and modern views of Thailand in Chiang Mai. Be sure to visit Wat Phra Singh for the ultimate temple experience. It is one of the most famous temples in Thailand.

5. Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia is one of the best cheap places to visit in Asia for those who want to party the night away in Sri Lanka. Adorned with a vibrant and buzzing nightlife, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia is full of fun day and night activities. Take your gastronomic experience to the next level with local Sri Lankan flavors at good quality restaurants, take a stroll on the beach, visit their many temples, or visit the Zoological Gardens to experience the wildlife.

6. Singapore

Notoriously expensive and often unfairly shunned by budget travelers for fear of fines, Little Singapore is a modern yet green city/island/country with a unique mix of food, mega-mall shopping, and cultures. Worth a look for the combination.

Don't think that Singapore is all about concrete shopping blocks! You'll find plenty of green space and an impressive system of elevated biking and walking trails that connect the city's parks.

7. Islands in Thailand

From islands large enough for busy airports to tiny, generator-powered paradises, Thailand's islands are among the most beautiful in the world.

Imagine white sand and blue water, cheap diving, and your choice of secluded tranquility or wild nightlife - all for less than the price of a trip to Hawaii. Even better, you won't need to bring as much luggage.

8. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is the gateway to exploring one of Southeast Asia's most fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Angkor Wat. The more than 900-year-old temples of Angkor are scattered over 600 square miles of jungle. The forest is slowly reclaiming the ancient temples as vines strangle the ruins and break the bricks.

9. Tokyo, Japan

Perhaps not the cheapest place to visit in Asia, bustling Tokyo is the world's largest metropolitan economy, even bigger than New York City. Urban wonders, talking toilets, and a sense of an isolated culture await you as you step out of the airport.

10. Rajasthan, India

Goa gets a lot of attention for its beaches, with intrepid travelers heading west to India's desert state of Rajasthan. Rich in history, romantic stories, camels, and impressive forts, Rajasthan is an unforgettable destination.

If the sun and tourists get too much, consider heading north to the Himalayas with a visit to Manali or the Dalai Lama's home.

Asia is a Very Good Place for Tourism

Despite being the world's largest continent and hosting some of the most expensive countries like Japan and Singapore, Asia is still one of the favorite destinations for backpackers looking to get the most bang for their buck.

And good news everyone, it's one of the cheapest travel destinations in the world!

So if you're planning your next budget-friendly trip, here's a quick guide to the cheapest Asian countries to visit.

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