Life can feel still.

Feeling like a pause unreal; Just look at the reels.
Living life like no other sometimes not beside one another, connected by the line of the cyber no more letters, just a simple text, a reply, then I click send and wait till...
Be well to stay in touch, knowing life is more than the electronics of such. 
Family, friends and neighbors, people and crowds, walking passed each other looking at no other just a glance, "I feel familiar," there's no worries we advanced; Society is always alive we just grew to be the digital connection we needed inside.
This energy you can see with your eyes, you can feel inside, just say "hi."  "Hi!"
Cause we're all living our lives side by side through nature or hands, giving what we have, memories held inside, captivating our imagination from the past times. 
No replacement of sorts, just this beautiful new world. 
Living in the broadband, living with a free spirit that I have. 
Staying close, just by the words that is spoke. 
A broadband reality of choice, I live by both with my own voice. 
Sincerely living free. 
Sincerely ConcsiousLady♡ is me.

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