Big Brother Naija Season Six: Things To Expect


Big Brother Naija is one of Nigeria's most popular reality shows, owing to the contestants' exposure and monetary awards.

Most people will go to any length to win the show, and one of the best ways to accomplish it is to capture the attention and affection of the audience. Because the show's power rests in the hands of the audience, some candidates pretend to be someone they are not in order to delight the audience and acquire their affection.

However, there are six categories of personalities that we should anticipate to see on the BBNaija show, which will premiere on July 25th.

1.  The couple: There isn't a season that goes by that this group of folks isn't in the Big Brother Naija house. This group of participants, from Bisola and skinny tall tony to Eric and Lilo, come for the prize and get carried away, while others fall into relationships and display all kinds of romantic gestures to woo and deceive the public.

2.The quarrelsome: This group of people is unstable, with frequent outbursts and exaggeration of issues. They believe that by displaying a crass attitude, they would acquire the respect of the housemates and the votes of the viewers. They use phrases like "I don't pretend, I tell it like it is" or "I am being myself."

3.The life of the party: These individuals are only present at Saturday night events, where they demonstrate their dancing abilities and consume copious amounts of alcohol. They take their hijinks to the home once they finish on the dance floor.

4. Mischief makers: This gang is only interested in butting heads with the other housemates. They spread rumors and enmity among the housemates.

5.  The competitors: This group of individuals is only concerned in winning money. They give it their all in games and are irritable when they loose.

6. The pity parties: This group of people tells a variety of sad stories, including tales of lowly beginnings and hardship. They understand that Nigerians are kind people who will vote for those who need money the most.

Which group of people would you associate with if you were to live in the Big Brother Naija house?


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