Better Skin Begins With Your Next Meal

Consumers today are bombarded with all kinds of anti-aging products on their body and face, whether they are simple cosmetics or surgical procedures. But the source of adolescence actually comes from better nutrition, says one health expert.


A study by the American Academy of Dermatology found that 94 percent of women were confused by all available anti-aging treatments (counter-prescription and prescription) and procedures available at the doctor's office.


However, according to Cherie Calbom, author of the book “The Wrinkle Cleanse,” you may look younger and start with your next meal. Her book outlines a four-step method of obtaining soft, thin skin, which explains that a diet rich in raw foods, vegetable juices, whole grains and lean protein can cleanse the body of toxins and protect it from wrinkles and other causes. signs of aging. Talking about vegetable juices may sound like fun: Calbom, who has a master's degree in nutrition, is better known as "The Juice Lady" for her juice and health work. He has appeared regularly on QVC for the past eight years and is the author of several books, including "Juicing for Life."


Calbom emphasizes that a number of factors affect the way our skin ages, including natural toxins, sun exposure, free radical cell attacks, inflammation, and a weakened immune system. His approach to making healthy foods aimed at reducing wrinkles has four components:


* Step 1 involves a quick cleansing of the daily vegetable juice or a two-day raw food program, designed to help repair damaged cells.


* Step 2 introduces a low-carb diet for 14 days with plenty of vegetables, sprouts, vegetable juices, low-fat fruit, whole grains and lean protein. One key feature of this phase is to reduce overall caloric value.


* Step 3 is designed to cleanse your bowel, liver, gall, kidneys and blood. Detoxification is key, according to Calbom, in an effort to combat wrinkles.


* Step 4 identifies the vitamins and minerals needed to fight the symptoms of aging and how they can be included in your diet.


Calbom offers a few nutrition guides and over 75 simple recipes and menu programs. His strategy emphasizes what he calls "wrinkle fighters" - foods rich in nutrients to help strengthen collagen and elastin for better skin. Other examples include carrots, which add shine to hair; artichokes for better energy; and almonds, a good source of vitamin B.

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