Better progress with consistent practice

Go and make a place for children to study.  Mana, but these days are stuck to A and mobiles, he hastily finishes the homework given in the class and is poor to play, if the game is a very important lesson for the children, the game is also important, but should not be immersed in the game.  Reading will heal from it.  Practicing not only improves language skills, but also engages in positive thinking.  Through this, progress in education can be seen.  Some people do memorization to prepare a school going child for exams.  Still others will study in depth.  From this, the read material will be remembered till the end.  The textbook covers historical places, politics, and geography.  If you read all of them in detail, besides increasing your reading skills, you will have the ability to understand about the kings and the royal family.  As much as it is important for children to read, an open environment is also very important.  If you sit and read in a quiet place, concentration increases.  Not only that, when you read in good light, your eyes will not get strained, if you sit in a quiet place and read with concentration, you will be able to concentrate on what you have read.  The habit of reading not only text book but also other good books should be developed from childhood.  This will increase knowledge.  In addition to this, we have to give sanskara to children from their childhood.  If we don't give our respect in stressful life, if we don't talk to them in a friendly way, if we don't get close to their mind, one day there is a possibility that they will complain about us without valuing the relationship.  Everyone at home recently

Even though he is at home, he is engrossed in his mobile phone, so it is like sending a message and calling him for dinner.  It is 100 percent true that home is the first school.  To strengthen family relations, good manners and policies must be told to children.  We have to establish the time, circumstances, manners and manners in which we honor our children, along with the traditions of our home.  Be it Emperor Ashoka, be it Ramayana, be it Mahabharata, children should know.  Even while watching TV, you should leave the serials and show children related stories, serials and animations for the benefit of children.  By this, children realize their role in life.  Along with this, if you also read books that develop general knowledge, you can achieve better progress through qualitative education.  The children of today are the backbone of the country tomorrow.  It is the responsibility of teachers and parents to create a bright future for such children with qualitative learning.

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