Best SEO for bloggers

  1. Use Keywords
    Keyword research is the first step to any successful SEO campaign. You want to make sure that people who type in search terms related to your business find your blog post. To do this, use keywords in your title, description, and throughout your content. If you’re writing about dog grooming, don’t just say “dog grooming.” Instead, write about what makes your service different than others — maybe you offer extra services like nail clipping or haircuts.
  2. Create Unique Content
    The best way to rank well in Google is to create unique content. If you have a lot of pages on your site, then you should focus on optimizing each page individually. Don’t try to optimize your homepage; instead, go after specific keywords and target long-tail phrases. When you create unique content, you’ll not only attract visitors, but you’ll also get higher rankings.
  3. Optimize Your Images
    Images play a huge role in attracting readers to your blog posts. Make sure that images load fast and look good. Also, use alt tags, captions, and titles to describe the image. Alt tags are especially important if youre using images on social media sites.
  4. Link Back to Other Websites
    When someone visits your website, they may click on a link to another site. By linking back to those websites, you increase their chances of ranking high in Google. This means that when someone searches for your niche, they might find your website before theirs.
  5. Comment On Others’ Posts
    Commenting on other blogs is a great way to build relationships with other bloggers. Not only does this help you gain exposure, but it also helps you get noticed by Google. Plus, if you comment on other blogs regularly, you’ll show Google that you’re active in the blogging community.
  6. Build Relationships
    You can build relationships with other bloggers by commenting on their blogs or sharing links to their articles. There’s no need to spam them — simply share relevant information that will benefit both parties.
  7. Submit Articles
    If you have expertise in a particular topic, submit your article to other popular blogs in your industry. This will give you some credibility and help you get ranked higher in Google.

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