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                   Being Us 


Too many people try too hard,these days to be "liked" by everyone,No one is liked by everyone,& if they are,then their "two-faced" So probably behind their back,Someone "dislikes" them for that reason..


Finding friends


Find people,who share your interests,and are positive..Good advice..DONT let people pick you,even if its "flattering" You pick your friends,not the reverse,that in turn helps your overall knowledge & development..

Its ok and "compassionate" to help a friend in need or trouble,those things happen on the journey..But..some will take advantage of it..Others will grow weaker because they "Abdicate" responsibility for their own lives & become over dependant on you..Either way don't let it happen,You are not doing them any favours by contributing to their growing weaker socially,

Being a friend,means "helping them" to walk on their own too feet,so nurture that & always encourage it..In time they may thank you,mostly they don't especially if they just want a "permanent leaning pole" to ease them through life..


Social Skills

So much today,i hear people say "I have learned" good social skills, HOW FALSE!  Most people, unless their totally dysfunctional,should be able to mix socially,without it being "learned" like a trade,or profession,Truthfully,i like real people,& i can spot someone who has "learned" social skills, a mile away,Theres another name for it..its  called FALSE..& it shows..

Being & having the confidence,not "surface" confidence, but REAL, to be who you are,impresses most people,& its both a great quality & attractive in anyone,it brings admiratioɲ internally,from those who have to "learn" how to be social!🙄




All of us get beset by bores at times,The big problem,with "bores is They don't know they are!,They become so involved & blinkered in what they do,or talk about,they just cant see that no one else is interested!  Normally i do THIS.(Which I learned from the Queen Of England,who is by duty, forced to meet many,Here is what she says,& its hilarious! But most dont pick up on it"

Somebody:"Your Majesty I spent 35 years building a replica of St Pauls Cathereral out of matches!"

Queen: "Oh how interesting for YOU!😄"

You can see by her eyes shes thinking "This sad SOB wasted 35 years of his life on matches!😄" But its her duty & shes always "Diplomatic" Thats the "diplomatic" and excuse yourself..Home decor bores normally get to me,One i knew changed her whole house to match her new sofa!

People like that,i avoid like the plague! My girlfriend of the time said "Theres something severly lacking in that womans life!" I said "Yeah more brain cells!" Her home looked like a dolls house!


Keeping Equilibrium


Everyone needs free time,sometimes just time alone,to relax,Crowding your life out with too much activity or people can "Wear you out!" Make that time for yourself,things just YOU want to do..It keeps us sane,& gives us focus for the outside world..It recharges both our physical & mental batteries.Too many people get "burn out" early,by ignoring this very simple basic rule..So pace your life..You will go further in doing so...




This is sound advice most doctors give.."Eat sensible" Our bodies need a balanced diet,regardless of what the current trend is..So don't go starving yourself,just because the TV told you so! Eat healthy by all means,but eat balanced! The same applies to weight gain,Approach it sensibly,& If YOU  are

comfortable enough with it, thats excellent..Its you "Being You" Always remember that..




First.."Working Out" i know peope,for whom its become an "addiction" Gyms are businesses..also a modern trend,..But any trainer will know..You start must keep doing it! Stop.& the "pumped iron" turns to flabby fat very quickly..its ongoing..Swimming is by far the best exercise,because you're using all the muscles in your body,anywhere else ,people exercise wrong,its either top part,or bottem part,swimming exercises ALL of it..Good advice..You don't have to take it! But its true & practical..




No one ever can be sure initally if a relationship will work,a romantic one.Best thing to do is take it easy,find out more about the person,Remember that at the beginning,thrir trying to sell you their "good qualities" which long term they may not actually have..

          An important point..Young people mostly,tend to confuse "Sex with Love", There is a huge difference, but this is common,and can trap people into a life they dont want..

So always be careful in this way,It can ruin things.

          A Truth for all .. If someone is a cheater,their always going to be that way married or not,thats their nature,they wont change,Spare yourself future misery get rid of them and move on..The easiest test of anyones intentions, isnt what they lavish on you to impress..Its little things they do,that make the difference,You will see that when it happens..Its all about really caring,spending time together,finding out aims,plans,dreams,from that you will get to know the person better..once you do,then the decisions  are yours..

      Sometimes even with all the "boxes" ticked" It still dosent have that extra spark you desire in the relationship,If its not there it may never be,But its in times like these,you have to make long term life choices..Choose solid dependability or move on?..No one can make those choices for you..its entirley a sole personal decision.just choose well. being ourselves in inspite of outside pressure,isn't easy,but it at least its being true to who you actually are,your values,morals & atttudes the qualities that define us..

    Life dosent always go to  plan,if it did it would be pretty boring.but the templates here,may at least give awareness ,thats something all of us need on our journey


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