Babysitting The Bad Boy (Chapter 1 - The Job)

Oh, sh*t!

I gaze in disgust at the empty milk carton and then at the floating white clumps in my tea.

Great, I can't have milk with my tea or cereal anymore.


The food I consume the most is cereal. Really, it's ideal. It is excellent and just requires two minutes to prepare. How could someone dislike cereal?

I ignore the sour scent as I carry the milk carton over to the small trash can in our tiny kitchen and place it inside. It'll definitely start to smell in here, so I should probably pour it out in the sink or something.

Do you have to act in that manner?

I guess I'll simply ask my mum when she gets home, then, oh well. I truly don't know how I'm meant to handle living alone. I am the most uncertain and undecided person in history. I am certain of that.

Hello there! I am certain about this!

I suddenly realize what I'm thinking and return to my cup of bad tea. I grab the cup and empty the liquid into the sink before putting it in the dishwasher.

I quickly walk back into the living room and pick up my phone off the couch. I text my mother asking her to pick up some milk on her way home from work after settling down on the cozy couch.

My mother is a nurse who works at the hospital near us. She arrives home a few hours after I finish school and leaves for school a little earlier than I do.

I usually study or watch adolescent wolf or criminal minds after school because I don't have a social life.

Yes, I would say that I am a loner. Even though I wasn't before my brother Joey left for college last year. Despite the typical brother-sister conflicts, Joey and I get along very well. I do, however, miss having him close by, and I find that merely seeing him on vacations is insufficient.

I finally hear my mother enter the room after a couple of hours of watching Teen Wolf and her recognizable greeting.

I enter the kitchen and find her putting a supermarket bag on the oblong kitchen table.

I say, "Hey, mom," as I remove the fresh milk from the bag and place it in the refrigerator.

How was school today? As she picks up the paper bag and deposits it in the garbage can, she asks.

"I guess it was okay."

She grins a tiny bit at me. She's obviously stressed out after her day at work. She claims to enjoy her work, but I know she doesn't. Nevertheless, she must put in a lot of overtime to provide for us.

Has something noteworthy occurred at the hospital? I enquire in the hopes of learning some juicy tidbits, such as whether they brought in a wounded werewolf who had been shot by a silver bullet or whether a female who had been bitten by a werewolf and started attacking all the physicians has caused the hospital to be overrun by werewolves.

Yes, I admit that I have a minor Teen Wolf obsession.

I had to assist a doctor in removing a wart from a woman's backside, I suppose.

I furrow my brow. "Gross."

She chuckles. Oh, and my coworker asked me if you could watch her son, too. She switches on the kettle after filling it with water.

"Okay, sure. When?"

"Tomorrow evening. At 8."

"Okay. But how much will I actually be paid?" I grin and arch my brows.

"Marnie, I'm not sure", she says in a little irritated manner. Every time my mother tells me about a babysitting opportunity, I ask this question. Who can blame me, though? After all, I'm just doing it for the money. Who would want to watch over sticky kids for nothing? Don't misunderstand me. I cherish kids. They can occasionally be cute and sweet. I don't, however, love them enough to do it for nothing.

"Wait and see what she provides you, you must. She is a lovely woman." She goes on. "I'll text her to let her know you'll do it," you say. She removes her black leather handbag from the table and grabs her phone out of it. I take two cups out of the cabinet, put a teabag in each, and then pour hot water from the freshly boiled kettle into them as she types on the phone. I take the milk my mother purchased from the refrigerator and pour it into my mother's cup before adding some extra for myself. Exactly how we like it.

She looks up at me with a smile of gratitude before returning her focus to her phone. It is a less expensive model than mine, which I purchased myself.

I grab my cup of tea and make my way upstairs to my room, taking care to not spill any on the cream-colored carpets as I go.

I set my laptop up at my desk, settle down, and get ready for a night of studying.

I don't realize I'm hungry for about five minutes.

I dash downstairs and grab a bowl of Reece's Puffs right away.

I go to the house where I'm supposed to watch the young boy and knock on the door.

The woman, whose name my mother identified as Evelyn, merely happens to reside around the corner from us, according to the address my mother supplied me. Not even a 5-minute stroll.

The door is opened by a lovely woman of middle age. She has short, curly, dark brown hair that falls just below the shoulders. Her eyes are fixed on mine, and she is grinning warmly.

"Hi! I assume you're Marnie "She smiles and says hello. Come on in, I'm Evelyn. She widens the door so I may enter, and as I do, she closes it behind me. Although her kitchen is located where my living room is, her home is comparable to mine.

She senses that I'm glancing about, so I speak up right away to avoid coming off as creepy.

"Your house and mine are extremely similar." I sputter.

"Indeed, it is. I only visited your house once, but I already noticed it."

"Yes. She welcomed me in for coffee and sometimes your mum and I carpool." She casts a quick check at her watch. "I'd best leave. My sons are in this area." I follow her into her living room as she takes the lead.

I notice how tastefully arranged the living area is upon first entering. There are photo frames hanging on the white walls, and everything is beautifully organized and in its proper place.

She addresses a person seated on the opposite side of the room, "The babysitters here."

"Mom, are you sure?" I can identify the voice. It's manly and profound. The young boy is obviously not the culprit. But from where do I recognize that voice?

Evelyn advances as she does. I enter the space and turn to face the ceiling to see who is speaking.

That's when I first notice him.

Blakely, Zeke.

Aka the bad boy of the school and the biggest player. And also the hottest bad boy-

No. Actually, he's just the sexiest student there is.

I look at the picture-perfect boy lying over the couch in front of me with wide eyes.

Zeke, my son, is calling, Marnie.

When his eyes first meet mine, I immediately flush.

I'm compelled to. The most well-liked student in the school is giving me the barest amount of attention.

But then I understand.

I have to watch him for him? No. He can't be it. I suppose she has another son. an extremely young son.

Evelyn approaches Zeke and kisses him on the forehead. Zeke, act honorably toward the babysitter.

He exclaims, "I cannot believe you did this.

She walks back up to the door and adds, "I'll be back around half past ten." He is not permitted to leave the house or invite any friends over. She tells me, and I nod, not knowing if she's kidding or not.

She smiles at me before slipping out of the room. Happy playing! I then hear the front door closing with a soft click.

I remain focused on Zeke.

I can only manage to utter "Uhm."

He scowls at me before getting up from the couch and sitting straight.

After a brief pause, he sighs and turns to face me. "Well? Will you remain motionless there?"


I take a seat across from him on the couch. A wooden coffee table is located in the middle.

I confess, "I'm perplexed."

Yes, I can tell from the look on your face.

I smirk at his obnoxious demeanor.

You attend the same institution as I do, right? He says it in a more polite manner.

"Yeah. You taught me chemistry."

His lips twitch in a smirk.

I squint my eyes. "What?"

"Nothing." The charming smirk vanishes once he clears his throat.

Why exactly do you need a babysitter, I wonder?

He averts his gaze. "At a party, my mother learned that I was using narcotics. She did this because she no longer believes that I can be left alone at home. It is a component of my punishment."

I am unable to control my laughter. "Wow. The nasty kid is sent home. How adorable!"

"Be quiet."

When he's upset, I can't help but think he's handsome. He is a true work of art. His dark hair is perfectly quiffed and disheveled. His gorgeous brown eyes are quite striking. the kind of eyes that, if you lingered in them, you may lose yourself.

His jawline, too.


I jerk my head to get my thoughts organized. I have to stop picturing him in this way. He is rude. a well-liked jerk who considers himself superior to everyone else.

He gets out of the couch. "You ought not to discuss this with anyone." He then approaches and approaches me. To prevent him from staring down at me, I get up as well, but once I'm up, I see how close our faces are.

"Well, why not? Your adoring audience of needy girls would undoubtedly be thrilled to learn that their beloved prince charming requires childcare." I return his murderous look with an innocent smile.

"Nerd, I'm serious. I may make it difficult for you."

"Watch that tone, please. I don't want to have to confess your poor behavior to your mother." I pout.

He scrutinizes every aspect of my face. I can't even begin to fathom how hideous I must appear up here.

I stare down at the ground as my cheeks begin to flush, letting my hair fall to the sides to cover them up.

"You may depart. You now see that this is all BS." He moves backwards while running his hand through his flawless hair.

"Why would I act that way? To get paid, I must perform my duties."

"Regardless, nerd. I'm climbing the stairs." He leaves the room by moving outward.

"Blakely, you better not leave unnoticed! Alternatively, I'll have to put you on the naughty step!"

As he leaves and makes his way upstairs, he raises his middle finger at me.

I move over to where Zeke was seated, take a seat there, then use the remote to browse a few channels. Since there isn't much excellent programming on right now, I choose to watch The Simpsons.

I can't believe I'm being paid to watch over Zeke here and prevent him from leaving. If he did, I wouldn't be able to stop him, though.

I also find it hard to accept that Zeke is Evelyn's son out of all the boys at school.

I could utterly humiliate him in front of his peers with this. Heck, I could tarnish his name forever.

Or perhaps not. Girls are crazy about him. I never attend school without overhearing a female call his name. They should be able to tell that he is an egocentric a**hole who manipulates females' hearts before trashing them. Only himself and his two closest buddies are important to him. who are additionally jerks, if I may add.

In any case, he threatened to "make my life hell" if I tried to notify anyone.

I could utterly humiliate him in front of his peers with this. Heck, I could tarnish his name forever.

Or perhaps not. Girls are crazy about him. I never attend school without overhearing a female call his name. They should be able to tell that he is an egocentric a**hole who manipulates females' hearts before trashing them. Only himself and his two closest buddies are important to him. who are additionally jerks, if I may add.

In any case, he threatened to "make my life hell" if I tried to notify anyone.

Most likely, he's just bluffing. What is he to accomplish? me to sleep with him, seduce me, and give me an STD?

That would never occur since there is absolutely no chance that I would ever share a bed with him.

Never, never, never.

I therefore have nothing to fear.


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