Astral Projection

So many Christians and spiritual leaders believe that Astral Projection is a sin and against the will of God.

They believe we're not supposed to try to seek for knowledge and be inquisitive about the secrets of the universe and multi verse and aliens and other spiritual entities which,whether we believe it or not,exists.

But the truth is,your  soul leaving your body and going to other dimensions when you're asleep is not exactly something you can control.

Sometimes we see things because God wants us to see them.

What we call Lucid dreams are NOT dreams.

At this phase, your spirituality is woke, knowing its full potential and abilities and superpowers.

I see things.

I see Angels and Demons and Aliens and I've seen the end of world plenty of times.

I can't even keep count of the number of times I've seen it all.

From seeing blips and spaceships up in the sky ready to fire and destroy the earth,

to seeing the face of Jesus on the moon and the nine planets in alignment next to his face,

to seeing encoded inscriptions written In the sky,

or to seeing angels with trumpets in their mouth, ready to literally blow the trumpets....

and a lot more that I don't even remember.

I know we know what I'm talking about.

We don't have to be scared.

Let's talk about it.

Let's share it with other people.

I might be weak and feeble physically, but when my body is asleep,

a whole different person emerges and takes charge and no one messes with me,

be it a demon or an alien.

Because I know that I am an extension of that divine energy source that created all of humanity.

Expel FEAR. Hate FEAR.

Being scared is NOT being careful.

Being scared is simply being scared.

Face whatever you see in your dreams and visions.

Because they're not just dreams.

They're your Spiritual Reality.



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