Art & Culture 2022 Chicago Art Scene ( featured Artist: Andre pace)

Zapp! KABOOM!! POOF!! Chicago Arts Scene 2022 Auction..

Invitation/ invite  virtual art events..

Available now online.. showcase,  original concept of today's artist in the busy art market listing,  A popular model of the Artist works is his series of contemporary art & Mix media design works.  Underneath signed on the back of each works.. showing at the foundation,  including the Artist: Andre pace works relayed to the theme of Design and mix media work, the Artist works will immediately drawn you to appreciate Art works styles and expressed meduim in today's Art market.. agents, galleries,  museum, Art advisors and collectors will attend with the idea of multitasking this year's virtual events/ online October events in Chicago Art Scene.." My experience with art has been more personal and less in context of Curating personal art ..

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