Apathy will not go anyplace


"In old times, a ruler had his men put a stone on a street. He then concealed in the shrubs, and watched to check whether anybody would move the rock far removed. A portion of the ruler's most well off shippers and squires passed by and essentially strolled around it.


Many individuals faulted the King for not keeping the streets clear, but rather not even one of them made any meaningful difference with getting the stone eliminated.


At some point, a laborer went along conveying vegetables. After moving toward the rock, the laborer set out his weight and attempted to push the stone far removed. After much pushing and stressing, he at long last made due.


After the worker returned to get his vegetables, he saw a satchel lying in the street where the rock had been. The tote contained numerous gold coins and note from the King make sense of that the gold was for the individual who eliminated the stone from the street."

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