Amazing Facts about Republic Day that every Indian must know

Every Indian feels pride watching the Indian flag, it wakes the patriot in us. Most people only know about the Republic day parade which shows the military strength, culture of different states, jaw-dropping motorcycle rides, army jets etc right? 
    But everyone doesn't know the real significance of the day. So here we are with the amazing facts about Republic Day. Let's jump into it.
  • January 26 1930 was earlier celebrated as Independence day or purna swaraj because it was the day India decided to fight for complete freedom. After India got Independence in August 15 1947 the leader's wanted to remember the day in history too, so now it's known as Republic Day.
  • Republic Day parade is actually 3 Days long. The celebration end's in January 29.

  • The first Republic day parade was celebrated in 1950, 3 years after the Independence.

  • First Republic Day parade in Rajpath was held in 1955.

  • During the Republic Day parade the hymn "abide with me" is played because Mahatma Gandhi loved this hymn.

  • India's constitution is the largest in the world with 448 articles and it took 2 years and 11 months to complete it.

  • Every year a chief guest from other Country is invited for the celebrations.

  • Majority of the National Awards are given during the Republic Day ceremony such as Padma Bhushan, Kirti chakra, Bharath Ratna etc


  • When the National Flag unfurls before the parade, a 21 gun salute is given.





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