Action & Consequence

Much too little today,do people seem to stop & reason a projected outcome,Sometimes the "Here & Now" can have awful implications Planning a little ahead can be prudent. Pointers Mostly older people can spot,through experience,a path,likely to bring long term problems,That in turn brings conflict,between older children & their parent,But I'm the first to admit,everyone must deal with their own choices,good or bad.. In the wider world,in politics,in industry,bad leadership choices can affect Nations,Employment,& lives.. Examples are many of these type of actions,both on a personal level & globally.. Personal level examples are legion..I see people spend all their money in one day,foolishly,but trinkets,buy many things they don't need,simply because they have some money,I would love to say to them.."But if you spend like this,you will have nothing to eat tomorrow!" But I don't..Its their way,so interference causes resentment..Consequence..Next day they have nothing,Its something they repeat over & over,with no lesson learned,it probably never will be,They simply don't know how,.. Other examples again are numerous,Bad marriage to someone patently "incompatable" They mistake "Sex" for love,the two are vastly different,but if they align together,then lifelong Happiness.

.Consequence of In compatability Much too late after there are children,Many realize they just don't match,sex,lasts awhile..Love lasts forever..So the consequences are, that homes get broken up,Children suffer emotional trauma,of listening to their parents argue.or worse.This is so endemic today,Action without thinking of consequence.

Twisted Perspectives

The values we have,core values,have stabilized global society for thousands of years..This generation is but a "blink of an eye" in the entire evolution of our core values,yet through pure misguided arrogance,it seeks to change all that went before..They have developed a "God Complex" What was past was wrong! Ahh not all of it was good I agree,but a lot of it,brought us through terrible times..Try telling a hungry third world child,this is the ethos of both this era & generation,They won't listen..WHY? because their either hungry or living wretchedly or both..Words,twisted perspectives won't change that.Action will..For a time that preaches "Caring & Humanity" we live n a world with more starving children (and adults) than ever before..

Global Actions & Consequences

From the mid 1970's many knew the world climate was changing..But instead of applying the easier "cure" (gradual green policy) Each generation selfishly abdicated responsibility because after all they wouldn't have to deal with the longterm aftermath..And as usual,greedy business exploited the warnings to make money(Organic Products cost twice or three times the normal price)The warning became a "marketing tool,to make profit,Yet today,our kids,grandkids,are going to pay the price of our negligence..In this case LACK of Action,& awful Consequence.. Unlike many,I personally don't believe the theory,that global climate change is entirely the fault of current & 20th Century humanity,Yes there is more pollution now,that ever before,Yes we use far too much non biodegradable products,Fault of the oil industry,from oil,you can make plastic cheaply,again self- serving for Conglomerate gain.BUT every 100k years the world goes through climate change anyhow,So that may have much more bearing on the current impending crisis..

Political Actions & Consequence

What I write here is known to a few,but popular "myth" has bought into the "Illusion" the "Spin" Rather than the "realpolitik" of what actually happened,Some examples.Vietnam.. After WW2 America went on an Anti-Colonial path..OK thats fine..but the way they did it was both infantile & ruinous later..France..had a "colony" in what was then "Indochine"(Vietnam) So the CIA decided this must go..OK good motives..BUT..They went secretly to Ho ChI Min, and told him,We'lol supply guns,to help you get rid of the French!" HOORAY thought Ho Chu Min,these niave fools are going to help me free my country! So Ho created the Viet Mihn,they got the French out of "Indochine" Later the VietMinh became the Veitcong.So we had the "Specter" of young US soldiers,fighting a CIA created force! True,most of the later arms came from China & Russia) (Both of whom they dispised!) But the Action & Consequence, belonged entirely to the CIA!... Quid Pro Quo The Cuban missile crisis. John F Kennedy "secretly" stationed nuclear missiles in Turkey,That whole arena was crawling with KGB, at the it would have taken the Soviets about two days at most,to "discover" the threat.. In response Khrushchev "secretly" stationed missiles in Cuba..There was no victory,for all the hyperbole,& shouts of "They backed down!" It was a "Quid Pro Quo" agreement..You dismantle your missiles in Turkey,We dismantle ours in Cuba..& thats what happened.But it darn near got us all "blew up!"..Kennedy (A man I admire in many ways) Kept saying I'm glad its me & not Nixon in charge.He was wrong..Whatever Nixon's faults,he was an absolute master of foreign policy,& would never have stationed missiles in Turkey in the first place....

Good vision,Good Consequence

The truly great men of the past,saw far beyond the "Here & Now" brining with it many great benefits both to their respective nations,& humanity in general.Examples: Churchill..who for saw the destruction Nazi Germany would cause,yet the lesser men in power,"Appeased" leading to WW2 had they confronted it in 1936 it couldn't have happened,many millions of lives would have been saved,but they didnt.. Ghandi,for saw,that armed revolt in India would bring a massacre like the Indian Mutiny,So he developed the concept of "Passive Resistance" & it worked! A hero of mine Theodore Roosevelt fought the trusts & monopolies strangling US society from realizing its Constitutional ideals..Because it was driving America left toward socialism,thus ensuring a fair chance for all,Sadly today,the same thing is happening..But there isn't someone of the stature of Roosevelt..To stop least not yet.. Vision is part of everyone..the ability to forsee possible problems ahead..Sadly today,its either ignored,or neglected,& because of that..big problems will come


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