7 tips for naming your puppy

7   tips for naming your   puppy


You'll use your puppy's name over 35,000 times in its life. Here are seven tips for choosing a great name.



You've picked out the perfect puppy. You spent hours researching the right breed for you and your family on the internet. Then you went from breeder to breeder or humane society to humane society, meeting and greeting pups until you find the right match.


Now what? He needs a name!


You will use your dog's name more than 35,000 times throughout its life. So be sure you're picking a name you can live with and love.


With these seven simple steps, the key to finding the perfect puppy name is at your fingertips!


Dogs understand short commands. Easy names with two or fewer syllables work well.

Your puppy's name shouldn't sound like any commands. "Stacy" and "stay" are too close for comfort. Such a name will only confuse the issue.

Remember, you'll be using your pup's name in public. "Stinky" may be cute among your fellow fraternity members, but it won't go well at the veterinarian.

Make your kids part of the decision process. Kids like it simple, too, so if calling your Champion Cavalier King Spaniel "Bootsie" works for them, consider keeping the hoity-toity name strictly for AKC purposes.

You may think it's an honor to name your pup after your favorite Uncle Norbert. Naming your baby after him may keep you in the will, but naming your puppy after he may not.

Ideally, if you're bringing home an older dog, stick with the name it already owns. Can't stand it because "Barney" was the first boy who broke your heart? Then stick with similar sounds when choosing a new dog name. "Barney" morphs into "Farley" quickly.

Once you've chosen a name, try it out for a day or so. You'll know right away whether it's a keeper. If not, there are always more puppy names on your list!

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