2023 The youth entitlement syndrome

2023 the year of advanced phones, computer and smart devices. We need to start asking ourselves are theses devices really the downfall of adolescence involvement in normal Daly activity is that was considered normal for past generation and healthy habits that to this day are lost in time and limits the development that is needed for the future of this country to survive as a country and a powerful nation. Simple things like going to the library to research and learn new things,playing out side games like running jumping rope and riding bikes or skateboard were activities that we loved as children. We see now the trend of kids that don't know what a library is let alone go there. You remember when we were kids we used to get asked the question when did we want to be when we' grew up.and for most new exactly what we wanted and was guided there through mentors, teachers and curriculum that may have been normal for a book report, research Ect... As computer becomes smarter the population intelligent is beginning to decrease for the lack of effort that is not necessary to get answers to questions we use to have to look up. Game play has become a multi million dollar industry incoraging the youth to not seek jobs that our essential for our survival.

So we our now seeing kids lock up in the house for days eve weeks at a time. Its has been my experience they no drive or motivation to ride bikes and have simple outside time fo the development hermits.My experience comes from rasing 5 kids of my own, when asked simple questions they have no answer but I don't know...

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