20 Business Articles Every Entrepreneur Should Read

To Develop the habit of reading ,you should try to read every day.When choosing your reading material ,try to pick content that will help you grow as a small business owner.

To kick start your reading habit, check out these 20 business articles that provide helpful tips

1. Mark Cuban says these are the Dumbest Things Entrepreneurs Do,Enrepreneur Most likely,you have watchd Mark Cuban on Shark Tank,or know of his various business ventures, Therefore,it's clear that he knows a thing or two about running a business .In this article ,Cuban implores new entrpreneurs not to fall into three, easy -to-miss traps.

2. How Do small Business loans work?The Fora Financial Blog IF you are interested in pursuing additional financing for you business,it's crucial to understand how the small business loan process works. In this comprehensive guide,we explain how to apply ,qualify for and repay a business loan. By doing this correctly ,you can recieve the financing that your business requires!

3.What makes a leader? Harvard Business Review. Business owners have to wear many hats,and most importantly,they have to be string leaders.In this article, Harvard Business Review discuss what a leader looks like ,and how you can improve your leadership skills.

4. Why you Hate work,New York Times Just 13percent of workers worldwide report feeling fulfilled at work, so it's no wonder so many people hate their jobs. As a business owner ,you need to cultivate an envirinment that gives employees what they need to be fulfilled -this article provides a roadmap.

5.50signs ,you might be an Entrepreneur,Entrepreneur.com .Are you struggking to find a career that you are passionate about? Or,may be you don't enjoy working for yourself and would rather work independently .If so ,you might be the type of person that would excel as an entrpreneur.Check out 50signs that reveal your entrprenuerial tendencies.

6.How to become a Millionare by 30? Entreprenuer.com Entrepreneurship isn't just about making money,one of the most notable reasons is that many people want to work for themselves. In this article, Grant Cardone reveals his ten steps on his path to becoming a Millionare.

7.My Advice to first time Entrepreneurs , Medium.com . In his Medium.com articke,Gart Vaynerchuk Highlights hus top three pieces of advices for first time entrepreneurs.

8.The Best Startup advice yoy will ever receive .THis article packs a punch,delivering the best startup advice from some of the country's best founders.




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