10+ Passive Income Apps that Give & Make You Money $4000 all Apps [2022]

Some notes on the items found in this list of passive income apps:

  • Some require investing money and earning passive income from investments purchased in these accounts
  • Some apps on this list either don’t need you to do more than download them or will pay you for activities you do anyway.
  • Finally, some of these apps can’t work together, so you’ll need to determine which ones work best for you.

However, many can be running simultaneously, meaning even if each is only making a small amount, combined you can earn a noteworthy sum.

Let’s start first with the best passive income investing apps, proceed to the best cashback/savings passive income apps, then look at mobile phone passive income apps and gaming apps, and finish with other passive income apps.


1. Fundrise


While many of these passive income apps offer the potential to earn decent amounts of money for minimal effort, this app has one of the best opportunities to earn real money for your investment.

Fundrise is not a cashback, loyalty, expense trimming, or gaming app. Instead, Fundraise is a platform that enables you to invest in real estate based on your investing goals.


The service offers you real estate investment portfolio options that are prudently selected and proactively grown to build your wealth. This passive income app is among the best to help you take steps to financial independence.

When you receive passive income from real estate investing on the Fundrise app, it can come to you in the form of dividends.

If you don’t need the money and want to leave the funds on the platform, you can reinvest through a “dividend reinvestment program” offered by the company.

Fundrise | Start Investing in Real Estate w/$500

  • Regardless of your net worth, you can now benefit from real estate’s unique potential for generating consistent cash flow and long-term gains with Fundrise starting as low as $500.
  • Consider diversifying your portfolio with real estate.


  • Low minimum investment
  • Accredited and non-accredited investors welcome
  • IRA accounts available


Highly illiquid investment.

2. Public.com (up to $300 Bonus)

  • Available: Sign up here
  • Price: Free

Public.com is a new investing service that offers you the opportunity to invest in numerous types of stocks while also enabling you to connect with other investors as you would on social media.

The service offers themed bundles of stocks where you can invest in several companies which share common characteristics.

These items can include topics like environmentally-conscious companies, diversity, and inclusion-focused enterprises, producing their goods in America, and many more.

Also, Public.com offers you the ability to purchase fractional shares in companies that carry higher stock prices without dropping the full share price.

Public.com requires no investing minimum to begin nor does it require any account minimums. Signing up can net you free stocks and make trying it out worth your while.

Public.com | Commission-Free Themed Investing

Public.com offers zero-commission trading on thousands of stocks and ETFs, available as fractional shares

  • Uses a social feed where members can share why they believe in certain companies (or don’t) and can post comments on others’ trades
  • Can invest in curated lists of stocks and ETFs for people to aggregate investments by interest area or values


  • No trading commissions
  • No payment for order flow (PFOF)
  • Fractional shares


  • Limited investment options
  • No investment research or tools


3. Acorns ($10 bonus)

  • Available: Sign up here
  • Price: Acorns Personal: $3/mo and Acorns Family: $5/mo

Acorns is one of the best micro-investing apps which can help you invest your money.

Initially designed only to offer “round-ups,” or when the app takes money spent on linked debit card purchases rounded up to the nearest dollar and investing it, it has quickly expanded into other services as well.

One feature, “found money,” is when the app finds additional money to deposit in your account when you shop with companies partnered with Acorns.

The service charges a low monthly fee (as low as $3/mo). This makes the app one of the best investments for young adults.

It’s best to use on mobile, which also appeals to younger demographics.

Because the app automatically works on your behalf as you make regular purchases or deposits, Acorns is a good fit for young adults who want to invest small amounts incrementally and see it grow over time.

Additionally, Acorns now also has “Acorns Spend” which is the first checking account with a debit card that saves, invests, and earns on your behalf.

If you select this service, it also includes the other available subscriptions, Acorns Plus, Acorns, and Acorns Later in the bundle!

Learn more in our Acorns review.

Our Micro-Investing App Pick

Acorns | Invest, Earn, Grow, Spend, Later

$3/mo for Acorns Personal; $5/mo for Acorns Family

  • From acorns, mighty oaks do grow. Grow your oak!
  • In under 5 minutes, get investment accounts for you and your family, plus retirement, checking, ways to earn more money, and grow your knowledge.
  • Famous for investing spare change automatically through Round-ups, this all-in-one financial app helps younger generations start investing earlier.
  • Bonus: Get $10 to start


  • Robo-advisor with affordable fees (on larger portfolios)
  • Fixed fee model
  • Round-ups


  • High fixed fees for small balances
  • No self-directed investing options

4. Swagbucks ($5 bonus)

  • Available: Sign up here
  • Price: Free

Swagbucks is a great app for making money by doing everyday activities. For example, you can make money by watching videos, playing games, taking online surveys, and more.

While Swagbucks requires some activity on your part, because these are fun activities and things you are likely to do anyway, it monetizes your current activity. In a sense, that makes Swagbucks a passive income app.

To get started, you will just need to sign up for a Swagbucks account and begin participating in some routine tasks offered through the app. You will see your earnings grow as you participate in more and more activities.

And for opening an account, you’ll also earn a free $5 bonus. Once you sign up, you can earn extra money by referring friends to the app as well.

SwagBucks | Coupons, Paid Surveys & Free Gift Cards

  • Get paid to answer surveys, watch videos and shop online.
  • Earn free gift cards
  • Sign up and receive a $10 bonus

5. InboxDollars ($5 bonus)

  • Available: Sign up here
  • Price: Free

InboxDollars allows you to make extra money while you do easy tasks. The cashback program also offers rewards for watching things you like on TV, taking surveys online, or money back from shopping or participating in cash offers.

This app acts as a rewards club for all kinds of activities you do on a daily basis. InboxDollars provides you real cash for shopping, searching for information on the web, watching videos, and taking surveys online.

While this passive income app won’t land a ton of money in your pockets at once, InboxDollars is a great way to earn some extra money with a little additional work on your part. And if you’d like to sign up to try the service, they also offer a $5 bonus just to get started.

InboxDollars | Earn Cash for Everyday Activities

  • Earn cash by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and more
  • Sign up now and get a $5 bonus

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